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Frequently asked questions
How long have you been in business?
We started the company in 2008.

Are you CRB checked every year?
Yes we are & we can show you our certificate when we meet face to face.

Are you fully insured for animal custody & public liability?
Yes we are & we can show you our insurance certificate when we meet up.

What happens when we meet for the first time?
After our initial phone conversation the next step is arrange for us to come over & meet you & your dog, where we can answer any questions you may have & together we will fill out the necessary paperwork free of charge.

I have never used a dog walking company before & I am feeling nervous?
We understand that you may be feeling nervous but we hope that by talking with us over the phone & meeting us in person you will feel happier placing your dog in our care.

I need a company that's reliable, will you ever cancel a walk with short notice?
No. Unless we are involved in a medical emergency, we have never let anyone down at short notice.

How many staff do you have?
We don’t employ any staff, Heather & I run the business,we are very precious with making sure that the services we offer are carried out to a high standard at all times.

What happens if one of you is ill, will my dog still be walked?
Yes, it just means that one of us will have a very busy day!

How do you know if my dog will fit into your dog walking pack?
Prior to us meeting in person, we will call you to discuss your dog walking enquiry & we can decide together if your dogs temperament will fit into our dog walking pack.

My dog hasn’t got good recall,can you still walk him/her off the lead?
No, but we can walk them on the lead providing we have a walking slot available.

Have you ever lost a dog on the walks?
No, because if your dog doesn’t have good recall whilst in our care, they won’t be let off the lead. We assess your dogs recall ability & behaviour during the first couple of weeks walking with us & we will update you daily for the first two weeks on any behaviour patterns or issues that needs your/our attention.

My dog doesn’t go off the lead,can you accommodate?
Yes, we can as long as your dog is lead trained & walks well on the lead.

Can you walk my dog at a time to suit me?
We can offer walks between 10.30am to 2.00pm Monday to Friday. Saturday walks are available on request.

How long will my dog be out of the house?
Depending if you have booked a 30 minute or an hours walk will determine the time your dog will be out with us, the time starts once we have reached the field/woodland, not when we have picked up your dog from your house.

How do you transport the dogs?
In an unmarked vehicle, please note your dog will be crated for safety when being transported, your dog will never share a crate with another dog.

How many dogs do you walk together at one time?
We walk a maximum of 4 dogs off the lead at any one time, obviously depending if temperament allows & they have fantastic recall. For lead walks, we can walk up to 3/4 dogs at a time depending on size & temperament.

Where do you walk the dogs?
We tend to stay local & we walk in fields & woodland away from the road. We change our locations on a daily basis to make the walks fun & varied.

Do you offer basic training on the dog walks?
Yes we do, but this is supporting existing basic training methods from yourself. We do not train your dog for you, but we are happy to recommend local companies that can provide this.

My dog only needs a 30min walk can you help?
Yes of course we offer 1 hour or 30 minutes walks providing we have slots available.

Can you walk my dog on a Tuesday & Thursday only?
Of course we can,standard regular prices apply.

I have a small dog will she/he be walked with dogs a similar size?
Where possible we try & match up dogs temperament & size depending on the pack, however we only tend to walk small to medium dogs.

My dog loves to swim, do you take them swimming on the walks?
Yes during the summer months,especially when it’s hot.

My dog is elderly & needs cuddles & company more than a walk,can you offer this?
Yes we can we offer a 30 minute house visit which can incorporate a short walk or a toilet visit in the garden,followed by company & cuddles.

My dog struggles with the heat of summer, can you help?
Yes we can offer a house visit for 30 minutes where your dog can have a toilet break in the garden followed by company.

Can you feed my dog after his/her walk?
Yes of course!

If my dog becomes ill on the walk what happens?
We will call you & take the appropriate action. i.e. arrange a vet visit if necessary.

How much notice do I need to give if I need to cancel a walk & will I be charged?
We require 14 days notice otherwise we will charge for the walk.

How does your ad-hoc dog walking service work?
Providing we have the dog walking slot available, we ask that you book your dog walks a month in advance so that we can cater for everybody. Please note that there is a small extra charge on top of our regular dog walking prices.

My dog is reactive with other dogs & needs a 1 to 1 walk,can you help?
We can help providing we have a 1 to 1 dog walking slot available,please call to enquire.

Do you still walk dogs in bad weather?
Yes we do however on wet days we reduce the hour walk to 45 minutes so that we can towel dry your dog before returning home. We do carry towels onboard but if you could leave a towel out for us that would be great.

Do you walk at weekends?
We can walk your dog on a Saturday between 10:30am to 1.00pm via special arrangement only. Extra fees apply.

Do you walk on Bank Holidays?
No we don’t unless under special circumstances.

Do you walk over the Christmas holidays?
No our last walks are on Christmas Eve..

How do I pay you?
Monthly via Bank transfer please.

When will I receive your invoice?
At the end of the month.

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